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Who are
Rezulteo's visitors ?

6 300 000 Internet users researched their tyre purchases on Rezulteo in 2013

Driver profiles

Source LOMG Survey / Rezulteo France 2013

  • 58% of visitors have at least two vehicles per household.
  • 41% drive 12,000 to 25,000 km per year.
  • 70% use premium brand tyres.
  • 66% use winter tyres.

Consumer profiles

  • 94% of visitors are planning to buy tyres.
  • 58% consult the site for premium brands.
  • 1/4 nearly one fourth of Rezulteo e-shoppers are highly qualified.

The source of Rezulteo traffic

  • 78% of visits come from search engines (organic traffic).
  • 9% of internet users access the site directly.
  • Rezulteo has a growing visibility among the top Google search results due to the high quality and relevance of the information it provides

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